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KYM Special Series: The Debt Factor – It’s All About You

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Know Your Money
Friday – May 9, 2014

Knowing Your Personal Finances
The Debt Factor:  It’s All About You
By Donell Edwards

One thing should have become crystal clear from all of this week’s posts about debt, and the fantastic articles that have been shared to help underscore the serious nature of controlling and eliminating debt, and that is that the solution lies with each one of us as individuals.  Each of us must decide what actions we will take, or choose to do nothing because that is the course of least effort.

Some years ago I heard world renowned speaker Les Brown discuss his frustration and feelings of helplessness because he was not able to help his sister who had become addicted to drugs.  Mr. Brown had done everything he could to try to help his sister, but felt that he had failed and didn’t know what to do.  He could not understand why he had been successful helping and motivating millions of people around the world in all kinds of situations and circumstances through his lectures, books, and seminars, and  he could not help his own sister.     He was utterly frustrated.  

One day he was giving a lecture and during the course of the lecture he happened to look in the back of the auditorium, and from a distance saw someone who looked very familiar, and soon realized it was his sister.  He stopped his lecture and began to speak directly to his sister.  He later discovered that she had sought him out to help her because that day she had awakened in a dumpster and had finally realized that she needed help and wanted to change her life.

The reason that I shared Mr. Brown’s experience about his sister is that it powerfully demonstrates that it makes no difference what anyone says, it makes no difference how logical and reasonable the solutions are, it makes no difference how much someone may need help, until that individual realizes that he or she needs help and is willing to accept help and make the necessary changes in their life, nobody can help them. 



Young Woman with Her Hand on Her Belly and Man Beside Her Writing



I know that by writing a blog I cannot change anyone, I won’t make anyone change, and that has never been my intention.  But as I have mentioned before, there is an army of us who have had bad financial experiences and who have learned from them and who now want to share what we have learned to help others.  

Those who live near the ocean are familiar with lighthouses that provide light and to help ships to navigate safely through the waters.  Those of us who share our experiences view ourselves like those lighthouses.  We are here to help those who follow us guide their financial vessels safely through the turbulent waters of wasteful spending, mountains of debt, and bad habits.  We just want you to know that we care and we are here to support you, just like a lighthouse helps the captains and crews of ships.  When you are ready, your army awaits.

For those of you who are ready to do something about your debt, we have two outstanding articles in our Must Reads section below that will help you get off to a good start.  One is 50 Ways to Become Debt Free and covers a wide range of things that can be done to progressively eliminate debt.  The other article is a personal challenge, Have You Got What It Takes to Pay Off Your Debt?  We very strongly recommend that you read both articles. 

Have a happy money wise weekend.  Here is our musical selection to kick off your weekend.  It is one of our favorites from one of the greatest bands of all time, Blood, Sweat, and Tears, and their sensational hit, Spinning Wheel, which is very appropriate when thinking about how debt can spiral out of control.






Must Reads:

50 Ways to Become Debt Free


Have You Got What It Takes to Pay Off Your Debt?



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