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Financial Literacy Month 2015: Stick Rigidly To Your Budget

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We’re Celebrating Financial Literacy Month

Know Your Money
Thursday – April 9, 2015

Financial Literacy Month 2015
Stick Rigidly To Your Budget
By Donell Edwards

Before getting into today’s post, I forgot to include an article that I recommend about converting to a cash budget in yesterday’s post.  It is entitled Does Switching To A Cash-Only Budget Make Sense?, written by Rebecca Lake for SmartAsset.com.  Ms. Lake is an experienced personal finance writer whose work has appeared on a number of popular finance sites including the Quickbooks/Intuit small business blog and Money Crashers.

Ms. Lake elaborates on some of the information in yesterday’s post, How To Create A Monthly Budget, and discusses, How Cash-Only Budgeting Works, The Benefits of Switching to Cash-Only, and Why It May Not Work for Everyone.  Click here to read the full article.


Businessman Clasping His Face in Horror


So after creating a budget, learning how the 50/20/30 Rule works and the advantages of a cash only budget, the big question is how to stick rigidly to the budget you have developed.  Instead of writing about this topic myself, there is an article on Kiplinger.com entitled, The Trouble With Budgets, written by Erin Burt, a Contributing Editor for the site, that offers some very insightful reasons why it is so difficult to stay on a budget, and some helpful and practical advise to overcome this problem.

Here are the eight reasons Ms. Burt provides for why it is difficult to stay on a budget:

  1. You have the wrong impression
  2. You’ve been trying to fit into someone else’s shoes
  3. You’re making this harder than it needs to be
  4. Your budget is too rigid
  5. You have no clear priorities
  6. You’ve set unrealistic targets
  7. You don’t have a safety net
  8. You quit too soon

Here is the link to the article:



Here is today’s step to financial wellness from Thirty Steps to Financial Wellness developed by Money Management International:

Step 9 – Do You Pass The Debt Test?



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