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    38% of American households carry month-to-month credit card debt...."Households with the lowest net worth (zero or negative) hold an average of $10,308 in credit card debt."...69% of Americans have less than $1,000 in savings, while 34% say they have no savings at all. Continue reading →
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    She told Oprah that losing her money was the result of, “being a millionaire with a ghetto mentality.” ... The only relationship she had with money was spending it. Continue reading →
Donell Edwards Publisher, Writer, Speaker

Donell Edwards
Publisher, Writer, Speaker



Welcome to Know Your Money






Welcome to the Know Your Money Blog. It is our mission to promote financial literacy by providing valuable information about personal money management, personal finance, credit, debt management, tax savings , and wealth building for our readers.

Our Know Your Money Blog is for anyone who may feel hopelessly trapped in an economy with inflated prices, a constantly rising cost of living, out of control consumer debt, high unemployment and underemployment, and insufficient income, regardless of their status in life.  If you are reading this and thinking this does not describe me, that is great.  I am sure that many of you are very capable of managing your money without any assistance, however, I invite you to become a regular reader of the KYM Blog anyway and I assure you that you will greatly appreciate much of the information and resources that we provide, as well as the different perspectives about money management provided from our guest contributors and selected videos.

My name is Donell Edwards and I am the publisher of this  blog.  Just a little about myself and my qualifications. First of all, I am not and I do not profess to be a financial authority or financial guru, but I do have a degree in business, and more importantly I have an MBA from the University of HK, that’s not Hong Kong, that is the University of Hard Knocks. And believe me, life can teach you powerful lessons that you may never learn in a classroom and that you never forget.

I also enjoyed a long career with IBM Corporation, with several years in management, I have successfully operated several of my own businesses, and I have personally experienced the severe effects of financial adversity after being downsized from IBM. My downsizing occurred at a very difficult time in my life and as a result we suffered greatly from a financial standpoint, and I learned many valuable lessons during the years it took us to recover that I will share in this blog, both about how to overcome financial adversity, as well as how to prepare for and in many instances prevent it.


Will Smith on Spending


I have always been interested in helping as many people as possible to break the generational chain of poverty and to learn how to overcome being a part of the working poor. As the publisher of The College World Reporter (CWR), our magazine regularly featured a column written by two outstanding gentlemen with great experience in personal finance, one of whom was a CPA with an MBA degree who will be a contributor to this blog. We will also feature a number of people in our blog on a regular basis with expertise and experience in a variety of areas including personal money management, credit management, debt management, budget planning, saving, investing, and much more. It is our goal to be the premier source of information on the Internet for personal financial information and resources.

It is the intent of this blog to walk our readers through a step-by-step, systematic approach to rethinking spending habits and personal money management, with the goal of helping readers create their own dynamic personal cash economy, rather than the credit-driven economy most of us are accustomed to.

Welcome to your new home for everything you need to know about personal finance and debt management. Prepare to change! Know your money! Thank you for your support and we always welcome and encourage your questions and comments.


We Would Like To Hear From You.  Are There Any Brave Souls Out There Willing To Share?  If you would like to share with our readers how “bad” spending habits have affected you, anonymously or otherwise, for our ongoing series, “Confessions Of Spendaholics,” please send your experience to comments@knowyourmoneyglobal.com.


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Disclaimer:  I have a Bachelor of Business Administration degree but I am not a financial planner. However, I have acquired years of knowledge about personal money management through my life experience working through my own personal finances that allows me to share that knowledge with readers of Know Your Money. The Know Your Money Blog posts written by me are my own common sense observations and opinions and are for informational use only. Although my blog includes contributions from experienced financial professionals, please make your own financial decisions based on personal research or contact a financial adviser.


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