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Important Announcement

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Know Your Money
Thursday – January 5, 2017

Important Announcement
By Donell Edwards

Thought for today:  Your best teacher is your last mistake. – Ralph Nader, American political activist, author, lecturer, and attorney. (1934)


The Announcement

We previously announced plans as shown above for our Know Your Money Money Management Success Strategies Institute to begin on Monday – January 9, 2017.  Today we are announcing that the start of the KYM  Money Management Success Strategies Institute has been delayed to coincide with the launch of our new live Internet radio talk show, CWR World News, which begins on Tuesday – March 7th on BlogTalk Internet Radio Network.  We will announce the new date for the start of the KYM Money Management Success Strategies Institute shortly after the launch of our talk radio program.

We are making this decision because utilizing the radio platform along with our KYM Blog and other resources will provide participants with a more diverse range of options and tools to develop or improve their money management skills.  Also, Financial Literacy Month is in April, and that is a time when we place great emphasis on personal money management through the KYM Blog.  Furthermore, we would like for this to be your program and delaying the start of the KYM Money Management Success Strategies Institute will allow time for you to contact us and let us know what your greatest concerns are about personal money management and the areas you would like most to learn about.  Just send an email to info@knowyourmoneyglobal.com, or use the comments section on our sign-up form from the sign-up tab on our KYM Blog.


Make This Your Resolution for 2017 and Beyond

We know that many people make resolutions at the start of each new year, and we want to encourage you, our followers, to make it your resolution to become more financially literate and astute in managing your money in 2017 and beyond.

Although we have delayed the start of the KYM Money Management Success Strategies Institute, we still strongly encourage you to begin now to work on your resolution to improve your money management skills by doing two things:  (1.)  Subscribe to our KYM Blog if you have not already done so, and begin or continue reading the great content provided.  Just go to the KYM Blog, look in the upper left side of the blog and you will see “Follow Know Your Money via email.”  Enter your email address in the box provided, and click the blue “Follow Know Your Money” submit bar.  That’s all there is to it.  (2.)  Sign-up now for the KYM Institute using the sign-up tab on our KYM Blog to access and complete our sign-up form.  Make the resolution, and follow through.


Banking Savings Funds Planning Finance Money Concept


Why Are We Doing This?

Before you dismiss this idea and decide that the KYM Institute is not for you, and that you don’t need to make any improvement managing your money, allow me to share something with you.  If you have been following our KYM Blog for some time now, you already know about my background. If you are a new follower, or in case you may have forgotten, I write this blog and develop programs and promote financial literacy because it is personal to me.

I understand that many factors may contribute to a person having money problems, and that does not necessarily mean that person does not know how to manage money.  In my personal experience, I knew how to budget, but I KNOWINGLY made bad choices that resulted in over spending, late payments, missed payments, bad credit, and all of the other problems that come from making bad money management decisions.  Not because I didn’t know better, but because I allowed my desires to overrule my good judgment.

Some of my problem was the result of not being able to earn enough money to live the lifestyle I desired.  I’m not talking about a lavish, exorbitant lifestyle, I’m talking about just having a safe and comfortable place to live, a dependable vehicle and the resources to maintain it in good condition, and to afford the basic necessities of life; food, clothing, and healthcare.  So, instead of accepting the fact that I had to live within my means until I could get into a career position with a salary that allowed me to do the things I wanted to do, I ignored the voice of reason in my mind and made bad spending decisions.  So, having money problems is not always the result of a lack of knowledge but can involve a person’s judgment, circumstances, and sometimes their emotions.

Although I was at one time a prime example of one who DELIBERATELY CHOSE to make bad money management decisions that I knew would result in negative consequences, I worked very hard for a number of years and overcame my bad decisions.  I restored my credit, I got a career position with a major corporation where I worked successfully for over eleven years until I was a victim of downsizing.  I went back to college and graduated summa cum laude and earned a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and studied economics, money and banking, accounting, business mathematics, and managerial finance.  These courses all helped me to not only understand the principles of personal money management, but I also got a much better grasp of our economic system and Keynsian economics, which was very enlightening and helped me make more sense of the financial system.  I feel that all students should be taught economics in high school, but unless things have changed in the last several years, very few teach economics as a part of their curriculum.  If I had received a basic education in economics in high school, I truly believe that I would have determined to live within my means regardless of my emotions, desires, or circumstances.

That is why this institute is so personal for me.  I hope that by sharing my experience and knowledge, and with the assistance of some very special people in the finance industry, hopefully, I can help as many people as possible avoid the catastrophic money management mistakes and resulting consequences that I made.


Who Is the Know Your Money Money Management Success Strategies Institute For?

Yes, the KYM Institute is for those who have problems or need help money management.  But it is also for those like I was, who know better, but because of inadequate income, loss of job, long-term health issues, or who just lack the willpower to control their spending, make very poor money management decisions.

As I have stated already, managing money is not always about a lack of knowledge, it is often a lack of willpower.


We Want To Help!

Regardless if you are comfortable with your money management skills, or you feel that you may need some help or just want support to help you resist giving in to the tendency to make decisions about your money that make you feel good, rather than making decisions that are in your best interest, don’t miss out on this opportunity to work on your money management skills because you are too proud and think you can handle things on your own.

Sure, you probably have the knowledge and ability to manage your personal finances, but can you improve?  In all honesty, are there areas where you really need to make improvement?

Let us help you, so that you can excel at managing your money.  Sometimes all a person needs is a support mechanism, or a resource to measure or review decisions against before they are implemented.  Allow us to support you in these ways through our KYM Institute.


The Next Steps

If you are really serious about making constructive changes in your personal money management habits, here are the next steps you should take.  Sign up now for the KYM Institute using the sign-up form on our KYM Blog to ensure that you receive news and updates about the program and that when the program begins you receive all of the tools and resources that will be provided for participants.

To emphasize, we really want this to be your program.  Delaying the start of the KYM Institute will allow time for you to let us know what you would like to learn from the institute and what specific questions you have, or what areas you feel you need help with.  Do not delay, take some time right now and give this some serious thought, then send your questions, suggestions, or comments to us by email at info@knowyourmoneyglobal.com, or use the comment box on our sign-up form under the sign-up tab on our KYM Blog.

We strongly encourage you to participate in the institute, and we look forward to working with you if you do.  


We Would Like To Hear From You.  Are There Any Brave Souls Out There Willing To Share?  If you would like to share with our readers how “bad” spending habits have affected you, anonymously or otherwise, for our upcoming special, “Confessions Of Spendaholics,” please send your experience to comments@knowyourmoneyglobal.com.



Donell Edwards Publisher, Writer, Speaker

Donell Edwards
Publisher, Writer, Speaker

About Donell Edwards: Donell Edwards is President of CWR Media Group which includes CWR World News Talk Radio Show and CWR World News & Information Service, a daily online newspaper.  He is also a professional speaker, freelance writer, and entrepreneur.  

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