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The Conversation Everyone Avoids, That Almost Everyone Should Have

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It’s Financial Literacy Month.  Do You Know Your Money?


Know Your Money
Tuesday – April 5, 2017

The Conversation Everyone Avoids, That Almost Everyone Should Have
By Donell Edwards  


According to research conducted by ValuePenguin, an organization that provides objective analysis to help consumers, 38% of American households carry month-to-month credit card debt. The ValuePenguin study also discovered that “Households with the lowest net worth (zero or negative) hold an average of $10,308 in credit card debt.” ( Sources: U.S. Census Bureau, U.S. Federal Reserve, 2013 Survey of Consumer Finances)

A 2016 GoBankingRates.com survey found that 69% of Americans have less than $1,000 in savings, while 34% say they have no savings at all. The survey cites two factors as major contributors to this problem: (1.) “One of the big reasons people aren’t saving more is likely because they are living beyond their means.” And (2.) “… credit cards and other cashless payment options such as Apple Pay have made it even easier to spend.”

Another very enlightening fact was revealed in a 2013 Gallup Poll, which found that “only 32% of American households were sticking to a monthly budget.” Which means that 68% of the population either does not have a budget or fails to stick to a monthly budget.

Alarming statistics like these demonstrate a need for personal finance management skills that many Americans are missing.




Personal finance management affects a variety of areas including a person’s income, family security, standard of living, and savings. Financial planning helps people determine both short and long-term goals in order to create a balanced plan to meet those goals.

As a result of my own personal experience with money management, what I have learned from those experiences, conversations with others knowledgeable about this subject, and research that I have conducted, it has become obvious to me that many people need help with personal money management. That is why I founded this blog, Know Your Money Global (KYM), in 2013 to promote financial literacy and encourage effective money management.

This blog, KnowYourMoneyGlobal.net, was designed to promote financial literacy, provide valuable news and information about personal money management, personal finance, credit, debt management, tax savings and wealth building. The blog encourages readers to create their own dynamic personal cash economy, rather than using the credit-driven economy that so many are accustomed to.

We are dedicated to fostering the concept of a community of individuals, groups and organizations that share our mission of improving financial literacy and effective money management. Because of this, our Know Your Money Global Blog features posts that combine personal experiences with the expertise of industry professionals in order to give readers well-rounded information to take away.

Additionally, we provide periodic check-ups so that readers may evaluate their progress and identify areas where they may need to focus more attention. We also provide information about valuable tools and resources that readers may use in their effort to maintain or improve their money management skills.

Beginning Monday – April 17, 2017, Know Your Money Global will introduce the free 13 week KYM Money Success Strategies Institute. The Institute will provide step-by-step instructions on how to improve money management skills, how to use credit wisely, how to get out of debt, and how to build wealth.

If improving your personal money management skills is important to you, register today for our KYM Money Success Strategies Institute, or if someone you care about needs this information, encourage them to register. To register, go to our Sign-Up Form tab and provide the required information.

There is no better time to start making knowing your money your way of life than now, during Financial Literacy Month.  The KYM Money Success Strategies Institute begins Monday – April 17th.  So sign up right now!


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Donell Edwards
Publisher, Writer, Speaker

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