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Listen To Certified Financial Planner Tonight, On Donell Edwards: VIEWPOINTS

How To Maintain Or Take Control Of Your Finances

Shannon Ryan
Certified Financial Planner, Founder of The Heavy Purse

In our continuing celebration of Financial Literacy Month, tonight’s program discusses How To Maintain Or Take Control Of Your Finances.  During this program we will discuss the importance of a realistic budget, understanding credit and credit scores, the correct approach to spending, and avoiding and getting out of debt.  Our special guest is Certified Financial Planner, author and speaker, Ms. Shannon Ryan.

Shannon has two decades of experience helping individuals, families, and businesses become financially confident.  She has spent her entire professional career helping real people make sense of their money.  She has been in the trenches with people as life happens to them, giving her invaluable hands-on experience and insight.  As a result, she’s learned that how you think about money is the key to financial success.

Join us for this very insightful program about the way we think about money, and the way we should think about it, and how we may do a better job of maintaining control or taking control of our personal finances.

Listen LIVE Monday – April 9th at 6:30 PM CDT at – http://tobtr.com/10710683

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